When should I collect my item?
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When should I collect my item?

You will receive SMS and email notifications once the traveller has dropped off the item at Grabean’s office or handed the item to the courier service. Your item is ready for collection when the status of the request displays “Pending Collection” (Collect at Grabean office).

For self-collection requests at Grabean’s office, Grabean will release the payment to the traveller if the item remains uncollected for 7 days after the traveller has handed the items to Grabean’s office.

For courier service, you will receive an SMS notification that the traveller had handed your item to the courier service and you can track your parcel’s delivery status via SMS (tracking number will be provided). Grabean will not attend to any disputes after 7-days upon receive of parcel, as the payment has been released.

Disposal of uncollected items

Any items uncollected for 14 days after delivery by the traveller will be disposed. If you require an extension for the collection, please contact Grabean within the 14-day period.

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