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What are Requests

Requests are “order” posted by others users / requester to request traveller to assist in purchasing items to be brought back to Malaysia. Each request is a task for traveller to take up while they are at overseas. Traveller may also browse through various country request pages to see what items others are requesting for.

There has two method in taking orders:-

  1. Post your upcoming trip itinerary, and you will receive an email notification of orders posted by requester involving the country you plan to visit



  1. Browse and look for “open” requests for the country you are visiting. You can “offer to help” if you agree with the price offered by requester or you can counter offer to the requester until both parties agree on a price.



There are 5 status of Request Post


Requests pending an offer by a traveller


A traveller has made an offer to help and waiting for the requester to place a deposit and confirm the order



The requester accepted the traveller’s offer and place the deposit for the requested order and traveller can start purchasing the item




The requester has received the item and payment has been released to the traveller.


Open (Prepaid)

The request has made payment and request is pending an offer by a traveller.

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