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Step by Step Guide for Requester

 Step 1: Register & Verify Mobile Number / Login

To post a request, you need to register/login as a Grabean user, and verified your mobile number. Click on "Post Request".

Please key in your mobile number correctly, if your mobile number is 012-3456789, please key in 123456789. Omit the dash and "0"


Step 2: Post Request

Click “Post Request” on the top bar to start requesting for items.
Please fill in the necessary details and be as descriptive as possible for the travellers to better understand your requests.


Step 3: Awaiting Offer

After successfully posted your request. The status will now change to "Awaiting Offer", waiting for travellers offer to purchase.


Step 4:View Offer

When there's a traveller offer to fulfill your request, you will get inbox, email and SMS notification from Grabean. 
Click on "View Offer" to check. If the price/ return date are both agreed, proceed to payment.
Else decline, the offer will back to "OPEN" status, waiting for new traveller offer. 

Step 5: Pending Purchase

Once you have proceed payment, you will see this screen for your item.
The status will show PENDING PURCHASE, awaiting traveller to purchase your item.
You can start chatting with the traveller now if you need clarifications on the item. 


Step 6: Pending Delivery / Pending Deposit Item

Option 1: Courier Delivery

Once the traveller had confirm purchase and send your item out for delivery, the status will change to Pending Delivery.


Option 2: Self Collection

If you choose for self-collection, after traveller click "Confirm Purchase" the status will change to "Pending Deposit Item"from Traveller.


Step 7: Pending Collection

After traveller drop off the item at Grabean office, the status will now change to "Pending Collection". 
You will receive email and inbox notification from Grabean to inform you is ready for collection.


Step 8: Release Payment

Once you have received the item and confirmed that it is in good condition, please click “Release payment” so that the Traveller will receive payment for their service.
If there’s any damages or disputes, please contact our customer service within 7 days
After 7 days, Grabean will auto Release Payment to traveller if there's no dispute from you. 



Step 9: Rate your Traveller

After you have confirmed that the item has been received in good condition and released payment to the traveller, please click “Rate now” to leave a review to the traveller. Ratings and reviews are highly useful for both requesters and travellers to ensure a fair and swift service!


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