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Kean Hayashi

Kean Hayashi

Verified User

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Willing to pay: MYR 140.00

Perishable: No

Fragile: No

Traveller offered at MYR 140.00

Offer expires on 28 May 2019

Returning date to Malaysia: 30 May 2019

modere shower gel

Category: Health & Beauty

Quantity: 2

350ml shower gel

Where To Buy (Shop/Area): any pharmacy in japan

Shop in Japan

Deal in Malaysia

Expected date: 31 Dec 2019

Requester's preferred Method of Delivery:

Courier Deliver- Borne by requester


Sue Wong Verified User

18 May 2019 04:31pm

hi, i will only be back end may. do you still want this?

Kean Hayashi Verified User

18 May 2019 04:32pm

anytime welcome

Sue Wong Verified User

18 May 2019 06:31pm

okay, i will check and update you on this when i am there next week :)

Rubyng1231 Verified User

22 May 2019 11:10pm

hi,i am in japan now and come back on 26/5. pls let me know if u need my help.thanks

Kean Hayashi Verified User

22 May 2019 11:13pm

i don't mind buy more if you still have space to bring that back, i will pay to you too

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