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Willing to pay: MYR 45

Perishable: No

Fragile: Yes

Traveller offered at MYR 45.00

Chris Ly

Chris Ly

Verified User

(5 reviews)

Perfect serum

Category: Health & Beauty

Quantity: 1

Hair serum

Where To Buy (Shop/Area): korea

Shop in Korea

Deal in Malaysia

Expected date: 15 May 2019

Requester's preferred Method of Delivery:

Courier Deliver- Borne by requester


Chris Ly Verified User

27 Apr 2019 08:26pm

hi may i know one box is two quantity ? you need one box right

Lyenn Verified User

27 Apr 2019 09:21pm

yes, 2 quantity in 1 box, i need 1 box.

Lyenn Verified User

28 Apr 2019 12:00am

hi,here is the details for reference: mise en scene perfect serum - orange colour 2 quantity in 1 box - 70ml / each thank you so much.

Chris Ly Verified User

28 Apr 2019 12:04am

hi lyenn , all right i will reach seoul at may 1st until 5th , i have a friend in korea so will get it easily , she told me that if you get 4 unit it will be cheaper and got free gift, currently grabean giving out rm20 promo code if u request item with minimum rm100 , the promo code is sakura20 until april 30

Chris Ly Verified User

09 May 2019 05:42pm

hi lyenn , did you received the item ? remember to give me feedback and review ya

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