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Willing to pay: MYR 30

Perishable: No

Fragile: No

Traveller offered at MYR 30.00



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hotteok press

Category: Others

Quantity: 2

Quantity is 2pcs
wooden handle

Where To Buy (Shop/Area): namdaemun market

Shop in Korea

Deal in Malaysia

Expected date: 02 May 2019

Requester's preferred Method of Delivery:

Courier Deliver- Borne by requester


CoNie ChiWa Verified User

19 Apr 2019 06:36pm

hi,can delivery to u at 17/6?

Chris Ly Verified User

23 Apr 2019 02:10pm

hi requester do you still need this ?

huachai Verified User

23 Apr 2019 02:27pm

hi , yes , still need it

jenstudios Verified User

24 May 2019 10:54am

hi dear i ady brought the item

huachai Verified User

24 May 2019 11:08am

ok ,thanks

jenstudios Verified User

26 May 2019 10:58pm

just dropped the item to klia ya

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