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Willing to pay: MYR 400

Perishable: Yes

Fragile: Yes

Traveller offered at MYR 400.00



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iqos menthol

Category: Food, Drinks & Snacks

Quantity: 2

Iqos menthol heat stick

Where To Buy (Shop/Area): japan duty free

Shop in Japan

Deal in Malaysia

Expected date: 07 Mar 2019

Requester's preferred Method of Delivery:

Courier Deliver- Borne by requester


etanmoo Verified User

10 Mar 2019 01:32am

still interested?

dharmarn Verified User

10 Mar 2019 08:58am


Oscar YKM Verified User

10 Mar 2019 09:52am

i offered my price at rm 420 for 2 due to higher currency exchange on jpy / myr . tell me if u are still interested and will be back to malaysia on 30mar

dharmarn Verified User

10 Mar 2019 10:02am

ok, you may offer on my other requests

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