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Willing to pay: MYR 701.00

Perishable: Yes

Fragile: Yes

Coach Bag

Category: Fashion & Bags (Female)

Quantity: 1

Buy the item online from the coach outlet store. the url has been given. the color is black. the name is minetta crossbody

Reference URL:

Shop in United States

Deal in Malaysia

Expected date: 22 Feb 2019

Requester's preferred Method of Delivery:

Courier Deliver- Borne by requester


Akmam Verified User

09 Feb 2019 12:12am

i forgot to mention that you have to register with an *** *** h outlet website in order to be able to buy the product. you can't purchase if you don't register

Kenny K Verified User

10 Feb 2019 01:48pm

what is the price shown in the website?

Chinaaron Verified User

15 Feb 2019 08:57am

in the store, they don’t have black color. the purple color is cheap, if you want it.

yvoko Verified User

08 Mar 2019 11:42am

we found midnight color. let me know if you want it. thanks !

Umairah Sahbudin Verified User

14 Mar 2019 07:33pm

i got new small lexi shoulder bag in midnight blue..let me know if you want it..

Lim Chongshien Verified User

22 Mar 2019 04:26am

hi, do you still need this, can check for you in the store

Lim Chongshien Verified User

22 Mar 2019 04:52am

please tell me asap if you need this

HangPing Ng Verified User

30 Mar 2019 03:25pm

hello, do you still want for this coach bag ?

connei Verified User

06 Apr 2019 09:25am

i will back from state on 11/5, do u still need this?

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