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Request #10551

Jing Yi

Jing Yi

Verified User

(0 reviews)

Willing to pay: MYR 60.00

Perishable: No

Fragile: No

Traveller offered at MYR 60.00

Offer expires on 20 Apr 2019

Returning date to Malaysia: 26 Apr 2019

Garry Lim

Garry Lim

Verified User

(0 reviews)


Category: Health & Beauty

Quantity: 2


Where To Buy (Shop/Area): Watsons

Shop in Taiwan

Deal in Malaysia

Expected date: 01 Feb 2019

Requester's preferred Method of Delivery:

Courier Deliver- Borne by requester


tgina Verified User

18 Jan 2019 03:28pm

do u want it?

Sillybear Verified User

18 Jan 2019 08:20pm


葉毓輝 Verified User

30 Jan 2019 08:10pm


Xiaopi Verified User

26 Feb 2019 04:07pm

hi, at taiwan now, 3/3 back malaysia, u still need this?

Fennie Wong Verified User

29 Mar 2019 01:59am

is this u want?

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