Reporting Inappropriate listings and user behaviours
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Reporting Inappropriate listings and user behaviours

Inappropriate listings

Listings (requests/recommendations) which consist of, but not limited to, prohibited items, offensive, misleading, or intrusive content, are considered inappropriate and will be removed at Grabean's discretion. Any user who spots such listings can flag it as inappropriate. Grabean will look into it as soon as possible and remove any of such listings if deemed fit.

Inappropriate user behaviours

As there are many active users on our platform, the behaviours of one user can and will influence other users. All users are expected to uphold a basic level of respect for other users and themselves. Creators of offensive, misleading, suggestive or intrusive content (including comments and messages) and/or initiators of actions which flout the terms of use of our platform will be treated seriously at Grabean. Repeated inappropriate behaviour (including but not limited to those listed above) despite an official warning will have their accounts banned. If you feel that a user's behaviour is jeopardising the safety and/or welfare of another user, please report the user immediately.

How to report inappropriate listings

To report an inappropriate listing, please feel free to contact us at

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