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Received counterfeit item


For the items collected at Grabean Office, requesters must check the items on the spot. Once the item has been accepted and brought out of Grabean’s office, Grabean assumed the item has been received by the requester in good condition and payment will be released to traveller after the 7 day self-collection window. Grabean will not be assist any other dispute.


Courier Delivery

For items deliver via courier service, requesters facing any authenticity claims need to raise the dispute directly to Grabean within 7 days of delivery by traveller. Grabean will be release payment to traveller after 7 days of the item handover to courier or received by requester. Once payment is released, Grabean will not be able to assist any dispute case. Grabean does not possess the expertise in ascertaining the authenticity of products, the onus is on the requester to seek the assessment of a qualified 3rd-party (e.g. authorized dealer).

Requesters should have sufficient evidence to suggest that the item purchased by the traveller is not authentic, otherwise Grabean is not able to assist proceed full refund. The item will subsequently be returned to the traveller. Requesters are highly encouraged to request the original receipt from the traveller for manufacturer warranty and proof of authenticity of the item purchase.

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