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How to shop using Grabean

Looking for items not sold locally? Eyeing on products that doesn’t ship to your country? Craving for that hot new item from overseas?

Grabean is a peer-to-peer shopping service that allows everyone to shop without borders or paying ridiculously expensive shipping service. Travelers get to earn tip money for their trips too!

You may start your shopping journey by browsing the Country to see what items others are requesting. If you see something you like and want to have it, you can post a request or click “I WANT THIS TOO” button to copy the request. Please ensure that the request fields are correctly filled before posting the request.



There are 5 status of Request Post


Requests awaiting an offer by a traveller


A traveler has made an offer to help and awaiting for requester make payment and confirm the order


The requester accepted the traveller’s offer and make payment for the request order and traveller can start purchase the item



The requester has received the item and payment has been released to the traveller.



The requester already make payment and requests awaiting an offer by a traveller


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