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How to post A request


Step 1: You have to Register or Login as a user and click on “Post Request”


Step 2: There are four sections which need to be filled out before posting a request.

Please fill in the necessary details and be as descriptive as possible for the travellers to better understand your requests


1. Item Details

Upload a clear picture of the item, and fill up the item’s name and description.


“Item Description” is to fill up quantity, color, packaging. Be as detailed as possible to prevent any miscommunication with the traveller and to avoid any accidental purchase of the wrong item.

“Where to Buy (Optional)“, is to provide shop name, area or street name if you know where the item can be bought .

“URL” if you have the website or URL link for the item, you can paste it in the column so that traveller can have more details before they purchase the item on your behalf.

“Item Quantity”- The quantity in total you wish to buy. Price offered are for total quantity.

2.Collection Method

There are two collection method you can choose from: "self-collection" at our Grabean office (located near Bangsar South) or through "courier delivery".

If you choose “Self Collection”, you can collect your item at Grabean’s office during office hours and indicated whether the requested item is perishable and/or fragile. You will need to provide the receiver name and contact number in the form to indicate the person who will collect the item.

If you choose “Delivery through Courier”, please indicate whether the requested item is perishable and/or fragile, as well as the item’s size for the courier company’s handling. The receiver name and contact number forms should contain the name and contact number of the recipient of the item. Insurance (optional) is to buy a courier insurance of the parcel to compensate for any parcel loss or damage. Delivery address is you want the courier service to deliver your item to. 


Self Collect 

 Delivery Through Courier



3.“Price” you are willing to pay” should include of the item’s price as well as the reward to the traveller for helping you to purchase the item. Auto calculator is provided to calculate the suggested rewards for traveller.  

Grabean charges a service fee of RM 3.50 on top of this amount, as it helps keep Grabean’s operations running and providing support among other business expenses. Before go to next step, pop out window will appear to ask confirmation for request quantity match with price willing to pay. Click “YES” and continue.  


Remember to include all relevant taxes (duty and/or GST) payable to the Malaysian Customs in the “PRICE YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY” section when you put up a request to purchase the item.


4. Country Info

Which country the item is to be purchased from.


  1. "Submit"Once all sections are filled out, click on “Submit”, and your request will be appear in the corresponding country’s listing. If any detail is filled up wrongly, you will have to delete the wrong request and create a new one in its place.
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