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How to fulfill a request

1) To fulfil a request, click on the Offer to Help button. The amount you will earn is the difference between the requester’s “Willing to pay” price and the cost price of the item.




2) Your offer can be made at the requester’s “Willing to pay” price. Alternatively, a counter-offer can be made at a higher/lower price. You may toggle between an Offer Expiry period of 1, 3 or 5 days. You must fill up the return date to Malaysia so the requester will know when you will return to avoid any urgent requests from the requester. If no action is undertaken by the requester (i.e. accept or decline) within the offer expiry period, the offer will lapse.



3) After submitting an offer, the requester must accept or decline the offer within the offer expiry period. Travellers are strongly advised not purchase the item until the deposit has been paid.

4) Once the offer is accepted, you will be notified that the payment has been placed. Once the item is purchased, click on Confirm Purchase to notify the requester. If there is no response or delivery by traveller after the 3-day of return date, the requester may request for the transaction to be cancelled, to which a full refund will be given.
Hence, if you have difficulty delivering the item within this period, it is important to keep requester updated. Grabean will check the items and confirm the delivery. 

5) If the requester arranged for the self-collection method, the traveller will have drop the items off at Grabean’s office. If the requester asked for the courier delivery service instead, the traveller will have to print out the consignment note from their email or account at Grabean. The courier delivery service will personally pick the items up for delivery from the traveller’s address. Otherwise, the traveller can also drop the items off at Grabean’s office for delivery.

6) Payment will be released when the requester acknowledges that he/she confirmed that the item has been received in good condition. If the item is not collected within 7 days of delivery, Grabean will release the payment on behalf of the requester. This is to prevent the traveller from having to wait too long for their reimbursement.

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