2019 is here and with that, we are excited to share with all of you “ Top 10 Request Items” for the whole year of 2018. Check out the list below and start request your wanted items! This list can provide Grabeanians with some ideas to decide what to request on Grabean. Let’s start with the most popular:

1. IQOS Marlboro Heatsticks

This is the most popular duty-free items from Japan and Korea on Grabean. The HeatStick, which looks like a regular cigarette, is heated inside a battery-powered, pen-like device called iQOS (pronounced “eye-coze”). The sticks are heated to a point just below combustion—so up to 660 degrees F—which produces a nicotine-infused vapor that you inhale through a mouthpiece.

Request IQOS via Grabean now. Duty free price starts from 4300 yen per carton.

2. Starbucks Merchandise

Starbucks have the perfect drinkware to keep your beverages warm or cool. They reusable tumblers with double wall technology and commemorative mugs are specially designed for any season. Every season has a lot of requester want the Starbucks season merchandise around the world. Request your own season Starbucks merchandise via Grabean now.


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3.  Ichiran Ramen


Our requester commented that this is the best ramen in the world. It developed in Hakata, Japan,  the noodles are truly a masterpiece with firm, smooth texture and rich flavor. The soup concentrate is an authentic, flavorful tonkotsu broth full of umami flavors. Request via Grabean at      RM  86 EACH.

4. Korean FILA

FILA have number of products – from Shirts and tights, to trainers and gym wear. All of which are finished with the smart FILA branding logo.If you haven’t own a FILA product, it’s time to get this newest street style trend from South Korea. Request FILA product via Grabean now.

5. Jenny Cookies

Jenny Bakery is an incredibly famous Hong Kong bakery specializing in butter cookies. They butter cookies are made fresh daily and many of the processes and hand-made to maintain the authenticity taste of the cookies. It melt in your mouth and that buttery taste is left in your tongue. Request via Grabean at RM 100  EACH.


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6. Melody Bucket

The limited edition Melody bucket debuted in Japan and Singapore at end of the year, much to the delight of local fan girls. If you have already request and bought it, then you are very lucky. Sold out on the first day on launching Japan and Singapore.

7. Adidas


Requester loved  for a wide range of the latest Adidas shoes, apparel & accessories.  You can purchase many limited edition and exclusive Adidas products from different countries through Grabean. Request Adidas product via Grabean now.

8. Swisse Supplement

Health is the most important things in our lives. Swisse delivering consumers premium quality supplements made from natural ingredients sourced around the world, including globe artichokes from Spain, blood oranges from Sicily and cranberries from Massachusetts. Request Swisse supplement via Grabean now.


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9. Indomie Salted Egg

Salted egg-flavoured Indomie instant noodles is under the premium collection. Indomie’s spring delicacies combined with the richness and saltiness of salted eggs ensure that you will fall in love with this taste.
Request via Grabean at RM  60 EACH carton.

10. Blackmores Supplement

Blackmores  is Australia’s most trusted brand for vitamin, mineral & nutritional supplements. Blackmores has a strong commitment to qualityThe most important thing is that the price of Blackmores supplement in Australia is very much lower in Malaysia. Many requesters purchase it from Grabean to save money. Request Blackmores supplement via Grabean now.

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