Have you already plan for your upcoming trip? Why not choose Europe countries?

Do you know that coming year 2021, Malaysian citizens who plan to travel at European countries will need to apply online for an ETIAS visa waiver for trips up to 90 days?

To be able to apply, Malaysian citizens will need to have meet the following three basic ETIAS requirements for Malaysian citizens:

1. A valid passport with three months remaining (upon arrival)

2. An email address (needed to receive the ETIAS visa waiver)

3. A credit or debit card (to pay for the ETIAS visa waiver)

Therefore, what you need to do now are to plan your trip, meanwhile you can also sign up as GRABEAN traveller to earn some money while travelling all around.

Sound interesting?! Now you can just do it in 3 steps: post trip, offer to help and bought it from overseas, delivered and last get your payment (you can refer to the previous post).

You can refer to this video for more understanding about being GRABEAN traveller.

Things That You Can Bought From Europe Countries:

  1. Chocolate from Italy

I think most of the people will agree that chocolate is one of those things that has the capability to cheer anybody up.  Request via GRABEAN at RM75.

2. Dutch Hero’s Original Stroopwafels from Netherlands

Eat a piece of Stroopwafel along with a cup of cafe latte is the best match for high tea. Request it at RM88 via GRABEAN.

3. Swiss Cranberry 25,000mg 90 capsule from Australia

It is very good for health, where it helps to support urinary tract health, antioxidant support, general health and other benefits. Request now at RM120 each via GRABEAN.

4. Kiko Jelly Stylo Lipstick from United Kingdom

Beauty is always important to women. Get your loves one a Kiko Jelly Stylo lipstick with an affordable prices, which is only RM50 each. So, request it now via GRABEAN.

5. Louis Vuitton SPEEDY BANDOULIERE 25 Monogram from France

It looks effortlessly elegant, whether carried by hand, on the shoulder, or worn across the body. Request now at RM4000 via GRABEAN.

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