Requesters, pay with Boost before? Now, you can get  3⃣3⃣% Cashback +  up to 1⃣7⃣% Shake Rewards when you pay with Boost at Grabean! Maybe cashback is a quite common for you, but if it comes with Shake Rewards? There are up to 5⃣0⃣% rewards waiting for you~

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Simple step to pay with Boost at Grabean~Let’s have a look

1. Start your shopping journey with grabean

2 way to post request:

i) Click Post Request

ii)Click “I WANT THIS TOO” , to duplicate request

2. Fill in product detail & relevant info

3.Submit & awaiting traveler offer to help

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4. view offers


5.Pay with Boost

When done the payment, don’t forget to shake rewards. ?

Cashback will auto credit into your Boost account in 7 working days.

*Limit to 3⃣ times cashback

Now , just sit back & relax and wait for traveler bring back the items from oversea country. Remember to click Release Payment” when you received the items. 

Don’t forget to leave a review to your travelers~ ?

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Now, already have  a clear picture how to get up to 5⃣0⃣% cashback at Grabean? So, what are you waiting for? Post your request now. More than 200++ travelers is ready offer to help.

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