Do you still remember when is the date to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? Have you already prepare the gifts for your beloved mom and dad? Don’t wait for the right time to show your loves to parents as time goes on, parent also getting older. Therefore, GRABEAN is here to suggest you with the gifts where you can request and get from our side.

1.Tamagosamin from Japan

This product is good for those who experiencing joints pain, stiff joints and limited range of joints movement. It helps to induce HA production and regenerate cartilage cells around the joints. Show your care and request it via GRABEAN at RM140 each.

2. Swisse Ultiboost Calcium + Vitamin D 150 Tablets from Australia

Most of the elders are suffering from osteoporosis, which mean they are lack of calcium and Vitamin D. Therefore, request this item for your parent now via GRABEAN at RM85 each.

3. Aculief from United States

Headaches make you can’t focus on things that you need to do? Aculief is a one-time purchase item that lasts forever. It uses your body’s own endorphins to heal headaches naturally.  Request now via GRABEAN at RM135 each.

4. Meiji Amino Collagen from Japan

Amino Collagen, which launched in 2002, contains ingredients vital to healthy, vibrant skin such as hydrolyzed fish collagen, glucosamine, arginine and vitamin C which is good for our health. Request via GRABEAN at RM135 each.

5. Wagner Glucosamine & Chondroitin + 200 Capsules from Australia

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are naturally present in the body. So, this product is used to assist in the maintenance of healthy joint cartilage. Request now via GRABEAN at RM132 each.

6. Blackmores CoQ10 150mg from Australia

We know that heart attack occurs is because the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. CoQ10 150mg helps to maintain heart health, promotes blood vessel health and helps maintain healthy blood lipids.  Request now via GRABEAN at RM200 each.

7. Swisse Ultiboost Liver Detox 200 tablets from Australia

For those who like to drink and smoke, Swisse Ultiboost Liver Detox is your choice which containing herbs traditionally that helps to support liver function and provide relief from indigestion and bloating. Request via GRABEAN at RM170 each.

8. HISAMITSU Feitasu Z α Zixsus Pain Relief Patch from Japan

HISAMITSU Feitasu Z α Zixsus Pain Relief Patch – used to combat sharp and debilitating pain. It has two sizes, large size 7 sheets and normal size 21 sheets. Request it via GRABEAN at RM165 each.

9. Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask from Korea

To make sure your mum always look young and pretty, request it via GRABEAN at RM130 each. This is because this mask provides long-lasting moisture retention, remove impurities and re-energize & revitalize our skin.

10. YVES SAINT LAURENT Black Opium Set from United Kingdom

With beautiful packaging and lovely scents, perfumes signal that the recipient is worth the expense. This set of perfume includes Eau de Parfum 50ml and Body Lotion 50ml. Request now via GRABEAN at RM366 each.

11. Kate Spade cameron street lacey from United States

A zip around continental wallet with crosshatched leather and matching trim design is very popular among women. It shows the feeling of simple and nice. Request it via GRABEAN at RM760 each.

12. Harry’s Holiday Shave Gift Set from United States

Shaving tools and well-rounded skin care are useful for every man. The gift set includes 3 blades, shave gel or cream and travel blade cover. Request now via GRABEAN at RM80 each.

13. Giorgio Armani Viaggio Men Set from United Kingdom

Perfume is a special gift that we give to the special one. Giorgio Armani Viaggio Men Set has a beautiful packaging and lovely scents. Request it via GRABEAN at RM220 each.

14. Fossil Derrick RFID Flip ID Bifold from United States

Solid color makes a strong fashion statement and this Derrick RFID Flip ID Bifold wallet by Fossil does exactly that. Request now via GRABEAN at RM230 each.

15. Gucci belt from Spain

The special design of this belt is the interlocking G buckle belt with Gucci Web strap in green and red. Request via GRABEAN at RM1600 each.


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