Making money while traveling isn’t just a dream anymore. Grabean is making it possible to fund your travels by helping requester purchase oversea product from your trip.

Do you know that if you deliver 5 requests or more in a single trip, you can earn extra  RM388 bonus on top of your Travel Rewards from 29th Mar 2019 till 15th May 2019.

Let’s have a look how to get an additional Bonus from your request order that you successfully completed.

5 request COMPLETED , earn travel rewards ➕ EXTRA RM45 
10 request COMPLETED, earn travel rewards ➕ EXTRA RM80
15 request COMPLETED, earn travel rewards ➕ EXTRA RM150
30 request COMPLETED, earn the travel rewards ➕ EXTRA RM388
How to earn your travel rewards?

Step 1 : Post Trip 

Step 2 : Offer to help 

*Ps : You can negotiate on the price by changing the price under “Offer price” if the offer price is lower than original price 

Communicate with the requester through public comment

Travel Rewards 💰💰

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