Are you wasting a chance to earn money while travel? Why not get paid to travel with Grabean? Let’s have a look how much you can earn from a trip.

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Why be Grabean’s Traveller?

No matter which country you are travelling, Grabean makes it extra simple and secure to earn money and reach out to millions of requester who are looking for oversea products.

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Download Grabean app earn while travel

You’re in control

With Grabean, you’re in total control of product information, price and how you interact with the requester. You can post trip on Grabean, and offer to help purchase according to your itinerary and luggage space with your offer price.

We’re there at every step

Grabean offer travellers’ protection, 24/7 support and requester/ traveller review. You can follow our social media to learn more about the latest trends, travel tips and offers.

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Download Grabean app earn while travel

3 simple steps to be Grabean’s Traveller

Step 1: Post Trip

It’s free and easy to post trip on Grabean. Fill in the country, departure and return date for your upcoming trip

Step 2: Offer to Help

Two types of offer to help:

i)  Traveller will receive new requests notification one week before departure. Be ready to offer to help and plan your itinerary more effectively.

ii) Browse country page and offer to help for “Open” status requests. You can re-offer the price if the price posted by the requester is too low. (Click “offer to help”, key in new price)

Step 3: Bought, Delivered and Get Paid

Grabean have a secure payment system. Requester have to proceed payment via Grabean platform after your offered to help, and you will get paid automatically in 7 working day minus 3.5%-7% service fee after requester received the item.

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Download Grabean app, earn while travelling.

Safety on Grabean

Traveller Protection

Requesters have to make payment via Grabean platform after traveller offered to help. Grabean will hold requester payment as escrow.  Requesters are not allowed to cancel the order without inform traveller with any valid reason. Once the traveller purchased the item, Requesters are not allowed to cancel.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute has been raised by a requester, they must provide a photo of damage items as proof. Grabean will assist in the investigation to ensure the protection for both parties.

Grabean is built on trust

Grabean requesters and travellers must submit their profile and verify their phone number and email. Grabean does not encourage requesters to meet up with travellers in private to avoid any dispute or dangerous situations. Requester and Traveller each publish reviews after received/sent out items keeping everyone accountable and respectful.

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