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Shop without borders, get paid to travel

“Oh, you’re travelling to South Korea? Can you help me buy this?” is a phrase we’ve commonly heard (or said!) after telling our family and friends about our upcoming trip plans.

Ever felt disappointed that some shops located overseas refused to ship internationally or imposed a ridiculously expensive shipping fee? Grabean seeks to eliminate all these borders and restrictions by bringing travellers and shoppers together on a single platform.

With just a few clicks away, users can get their dream items from overseas without paying for shipping cost or having to leave the country, and travellers can earn tip money for their trips!

As a company, we believe in building the trust among users to ensure that everyone can shop with an ease of mind. And as shoppers and travellers ourselves, we believe in bringing the best products to you from anywhere in the world with convenience and affordability.

Start your shopping journey by posting a request through Grabean or browse our categories for some shopping ideas. Global shopping has never been easier!


We believe in grabbing opportunities.
To give opportunities and exposures to people, so that the world become borderless


1. To be the largest listing platform for travel, retail and service requests


2. To be a platform that provide borderless experience for users to get anything from anywhere.


3. To reach a number of 100,000 users and achieve the most effective value chain system.



1. Provide a reliable and efficient space for purchasing oversea products, so that users can buy anything from anywhere.


2. Provide an all-inclusive platform, so that travellers can have a hassle free and profitable experience


3. Provide a platform with powerful database for businesses that increase their exposure and conversion.

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